CICC Student Education Grant Awards

CICC Student Education Grant Awards


The CICC 2022 Student Education Grant Awards Program recognizes and promotes early career accomplishments in all integrated circuits fields by supporting graduate student attendance at the CICC 2022 in Newport Beach, CA, USA.

With the help of the CICC SEGA program, up-and-coming young engineers:

  • may network with researchers from the industry, academia, and government from all over the world.
  • learn about IC design break-throughs, and about challenges that have not yet been solved or need to be addressed, in-person and in advance.

Education grant will cover a student registration fee.

Priority will be given to graduate students worldwide who will NOT be an author or co-author for any papers at CICC 2022.

Requirements for CICC 2022 Student Education Grant Awards Program:

  • Applicants must submit a personal statement (less than 300 words) to state their research interests and their relevance to the technical focuses of CICC.
  • Applicants must submit a CV.
  • Applicant’s supervisor must submit a signed recommendation letter with university letterhead. The recommendation letter should certify that the applicant will NOT be an author or co-author for any paper at CICC 2022.
  • Student awardees are expected to volunteer (half day) helping the CICC 2022 team. The volunteer tasks will be assigned after the awardees are selected.
  • Student awardees are expected to be present at the 2022 CICC conference from Sunday (April 24th) until Wednesday afternoon (April 27th) including the Sunday Educational Sessions, Tuesday afternoon Mentoring event and Wednesday closing/award ceremony.
  • The application may only be submitted by the supervisor as a single PDF file.
  • Each supervisor/research group may recommend up to 5 graduate students
  • Past CICC student awardees are not eligible.
  • Applications will be evaluated based on the personal statement, CV, and supervisor’s recommendation letter. The committee will start to select student awardees until the funding runs out or the application deadline is reached (whichever occurs first). Early submissions will have higher priority and is strongly encouraged.

Important Dates:

  • The application deadline is April 7, 2022. (Please submit your application early as awards will be made on a rolling basis).

Additional Notes:

The IEEE CICC TPC committee reserves the right to verify details of the applications against IEEE records and other resources.

Contact Information:

For questions about the CICC Student Education Grant Awards,

please contact Zhengya Zhang (


The student’s supervisor should email the application package (as one single PDF file for each student) directly to:

John Teehan, CMP ( and Zhengya Zhang (

Each student application should include:

(1) a personal statement (less than 300 words) from the student

(2) student CV, and

(3) a signed recommendation letter with university letterhead from the supervisor.


The education awards will be a check mailed to the student awardee.

The education awards will only be honored to the student awardees who have completed the full conference registration and attended the CICC 2022 conference.  In order to qualify for the education award, the student awardee needs to check-in with John Teehan or Danielle Corrigan and show a valid ID (passport, driver license, etc.) at the CICC 2022 conference registration desk.