2024 CICC Sponsorships

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April 21 – 24, 2024 – Denver, Colorado, USA

The IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference (CICC) stands as a premier event dedicated to research and development in the field of Integrated Circuits. In 2024, we mark the 35th year of operation, presenting original and groundbreaking work on analog and digital circuit and system techniques, covering a broad spectrum of technical topics.

CICC serves as a vital forum for analog mixed-signal IC and SoC designers, CAD developers, IC foundries and manufacturers, technology providers, and ASIC users. The CICC community has been steadily growing, with a record-breaking virtual attendance of over 530 industry professionals, faculty, and students from all regions worldwide in 2021. The following year, in 2022, we transitioned to a hybrid event with 342 registrants. Returning to normalcy in 2023, we embraced in-person participation.

CICC boasts a comprehensive technical program featuring over 130 lecture presentations and 16 educational sessions, providing professionals with insights into recent advances in IC state-of-the-art. The conference also incorporates forums and panel discussions, facilitating interaction among peers.

What’s New: A Chiplet Workshop will be offered by IEEE-SSCS, in cooperation with IEEE-CICC, on April 25, 2024.

Our sponsors play a fundamental role in CICC, making the conference possible. They not only facilitate the attendance of top students but also promote education, cooperation, and contribute directly to the long-term future of our industry. The sponsorship program ensures that your company’s name is prominently featured in front of the most influential figures from both industry and academia. By supporting this premier IC design conference, you showcase strong leadership and community involvement. This brochure outlines some of the available sponsorship options.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact the CICC 2024 Sponsorship Chair, Shenggao Li, at or Co-Chair, Divya Prasad at;

Sponsorship Opportunities 

CICC offers diverse opportunities for companies to demonstrate their commitment to the technical and scientific community. Sponsors receive individual recognition through various channels and formats.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits: 

4 levels of sponsorships are available. 

Amount Sponsorship Level Publicity and brand recognition on CICC publications &  Recognized in specific sponsored events
>$15,000 Platinum Sponsor company Logo and Name displayed as Platinum Sponsor Company Name and Logo will be shown exclusively in specific events selected by sponsors. For example, if a sponsor funds a keynote speech event, the sponsor company Logo/Name will be displayed to all participants.
>$10,000 Gold Sponsor company Logo and Name displayed as Gold Sponsor
>$5,000 Silver Sponsor company Logo and Name displayed as Silver Sponsor
>$3,000 Bronze Sponsor company Logo and Name displayed as Bronze Sponsor

Specific Sponsorship Events 

Events Opportunities (note1) Amounts/each
General Conference 1 $15,000
Keynote Speeches 2 $5,000
Keynote Lunch  1 $5,000
Education Sessions  4 (note2) $5,000
Forum Sessions  4 $2,500
Technical Sessions  x long y short  (note3) long $2,500, short $1,500
Overall outstanding Paper Awards 1 $7,500
Outstanding Paper Awards 4 $5,000

Note 1: A sponsor company may request to sponsor one or more specific sessions, such as ADCs or wireline IOs, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Alternatively, they can choose to sponsor more prestigious events, such as a keynote speech by an invited speaker. 

Note 2: An education session typically spans a day, featuring multiple speakers who provide tutorials.

Note 3: A long technical session typically lasts for 3.5 hours, while a short technical session lasts for 2 hours. Both sessions include 6-8 presentations.

2024 CICC Technical Sessions (reference only) Subcommittee Short/Long Session
Sunday, April 21
Educational Session 1: Deep Learning and Compute-in-Memory Designs and Applications Digital Circuits Long
Educational Session 2: Introduction to Quantum Computing for Circuit Designers Foundation of System Design Long
Educational Session 3: Optical and Wireline Communications Circuit Techniques Wireline Long
Education Session 4: Nascent Sensing Devices and Interfaces Emerging Technologies Long
Monday, 22 April (Bold/Italic – sponsor confirmed)
Session 1: Keynote Session – Tsung-Yung Jonathan Chang Keynote Short
Session 2: Panel: Cognitive Connections: Exploring Brain-Computer-Interfaces through Systems and Experiments Emerging Technologies Short
Session 3: Forum: AI-based Chip/Chiplet Generation Foundation of System Design Short
Session 4: Forum: Cutting-edge Energy Harvesting Interface Circuits & Systems Power Management Short
Session 5: Advances in RF/mmWave Wireless Transceivers Wireless Transceivers Short
Session 6: Panel: Will open source design be the future direction? Data Converters Short
Session 7: Mixed-Signal Compute in Memory Digital Circuits Long
Session 8: Emerging Systems and Integration Techniques Foundation of System Design Long 
Session 8b: Panel: Can Academia Effectively Participate in Heterogeneous Integration Research and How? Foundation of System Design Short
Session 9: Power Management Techniques Power Management Long
Session 10: mmWave and THz Circuits and Systems Wireless Transceivers Long
Session 11: Emerging Computing Technologies and Applications Emerging Technologies Long
Session 12: High-voltage and Dynamic Comparators Analog Short
Session 13: Analog Sensor Interfaces Analog Short
Tuesday, 23 April
Session 14: Domain-Specific Accelerators Digital Circuits Long
Session 15: Innovations in Sensing, Communication, and Imaging Technologies Emerging Technologies Long
Session 16: Energy Harvesting and Isolated Power Conversion Power Management Long
Session 17: RF/mm-Wave VCO and Phase Locked Loops Wireless Transceivers Long
Session 18: Power Efficient and Application-Oriented ADCs Data Converters Long
Session 19: Keynote Luncheon – Noah Sturcken Keynote Short
Session 20: Digital Circuit Techniques Digital Circuits Long
Session 21: Machine Learning and Vision Processing Systems Foundation of System Design Long
Session 22: DC-DC Converters Power Management Long
Session 23: Wireline Transceivers and Clocking Techniques Wireline Long
Session 24: High-Resolution ADCs Data Converters Long
Wednesday, 24 April
Session 25: Keynote Session – Suman Datta Keynote Short
Session 26: Digital Compute in Memory Digital Circuits Long
Session 27: Advanced Neural Interfaces Emerging Technologies Long
Session 28: High-Speed Data Converters Data Converters Long
Session 29: Energy-efficient Radios for IoT and Emerging Systems Wireless Transceivers Short
Session 30: Optical Transceivers and Building Blocks Wireline Long
Session 31: Panel: How can LLMs help hardware design and will it replace digital design roles in the years to come? Digital Circuits Short
Session 32: Emerging Systems and Integration Techniques (Part 2) Foundation of System Design Short
Session 33: Timing References Analog Short
Session 34: Forum: Wireless Transceivers Towards Next G Wireless Transceivers Short
Session 35: Forum: Circuits and Packaging Techniques for Next-gen Wireline Communications Wireline Short
General Conference
Overall Outstanding Paper
Outstanding Paper 1
Outstanding Paper 2
Outstanding Paper 3
Outstanding Paper 4

CICC 2024 Sponsorship Acknowledgement 

(As of 3/26/2024)


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Silver Texas Instruments
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