2024 CICC Sponsorships

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Our sponsors are a fundamental part of CICC. They make the conference possible, help top students attend, promote education and cooperation, and contribute directly to the long-term future of our industry.

The sponsorship program gets your company’s name in front of the most influential people from industry and academia. By supporting this foremost IC design conference, you demonstrate great leadership and community involvement. This brochure highlights some of the available options.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact the CICC 2024 Sponsorship Chair, Shenggao Li, at or Co-Chair, Divya Prasad at

Sponsorship Opportunities 

CICC provides a range of opportunities for companies to show their commitment to the technical and scientific community. Sponsors are individually recognized by name in a variety of ways. 

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits: 

4 levels of sponsorships are available. 

Amount Sponsorship Level Publicity and brand recognition on CICC publications &  Recognized in specific sponsored events
>$15,000  Platinum Sponsor company Logo and Name shown as Platinum Sponsor Company Name and Logo will be shown exclusively in specific events selected by sponsors. For example, if a sponsor funds a keynote speech event, the sponsor company Logo/Name will be displayed to all participants.
>$10,000  Gold Sponsor company Logo and Name shown as Gold Sponsor
>$5,000  Silver Sponsor company Logo and Name shown as Silver Sponsor
>$3,000  Bronze Sponsor company Logo and Name shown as Bronze Sponsor

Specific Sponsorship Events 

Events Opportunities (note1) Amounts/each
General Conference 1 $15,000
Keynote Speeches 2 $5,000
Keynote Lunch  1 $5,000
Education Sessions  4 (note2) $5,000
Forum Sessions  4 $2,500
Technical Sessions  13 long 16 short  (note3) long $2,500, short $1,500
Overall outstanding Paper Awards 1 $7,500
Outstanding Paper Awards 4 $5,000

note1: A sponsor company may request to sponsor one or more specific sessions, for example, ADCs or wireline IOs, on a first come first serve basis, or sponsor those more prestigious events such as a keynote speech by an invited speaker. 

note2: An education session typically lasts for a day with multiple speakers giving tutorials.

note3: A long/short technical session typically lasts for 3.5/2 hours respectively, with 6-8 presentations. 

2023 CICC CICC Technical Sessions (2024 program is WIP) Subcommittee Short/Long Session
Analog Techniques Analog Short
Analog Sensor Interfaces Analog Long
Timing Circuits Analog Long
Gigasample-Rate Data Converters Data Converters Short
ADCs with Noise Shaping Data Converters Long
Data Converter Design Techniques Data Converters Long
Low-power Digital Circuits Digital Circuits Short
Hardware Security Digital Circuits Short
Machine Learning Digital Circuits Long
Compute in Memory and Ising Machines Digital Circuits Long
Architectures for advancing computing Emerging Tech Short
Advances in low-power, high-performance sensor interfaces Emerging Tech Long
Heterogenous SoCs for Next-Gen Compute Applications Foundations Long
Mixed-Signal Foundational IPs for Emerging Systems Foundations Long
Gate Drivers and GaN ICs Power Management Short
Energy Harvesting and Wireless/Isolated Power Converters Power Management Short
DC-DC Converters Power Management Long
Low Power Quantum Computing & Wireless Transceivers Wireless Short
mm-Wave Transceiver and Front-end Building Blocks for Radar and Communication Wireless Short
Frequency generation, clocking and power transfer Wireless Long
Recent advances in Silicon based Terahertz solutions Wireless Long
Advanced Techniques for Wireline Communications Wireline Short
Where is the balance between circuit and system-level innovation in our solid-state circuit conference? Panel – Analog Short
It’s 2023. Where are our self-driving cars? Panel – Wireless Short
Improving ASIC Productivity Panel – Digital Short
CHIPS Act and Future of Semiconductor Innovation Panel – Wireline Short
Ultra High-Speed Data Converters Forum Short
Recent Progress in LDOs and Voltage, Current, and Timing References Forum Short
Standardizing Chiplet Design Forum Short
Emerging Electrical and Optical Devices for Biomedical Applications Forum Short

CICC 2023 Sponsorship Acknowledgement 

(As of 9/25/2023)


Platinum Silicon Labs [Conference Sponsor]
Gold None
Silver Texas Instruments
Analog Devices
Bronze Futurewei
Siemens EDA

Organizing Societies