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Want increased visibility at CICC?

Our sponsors are a fundamental part of CICC. They make the conference possible, help top students attend, promote education and cooperation, and contribute directly to the long-term future of our industry.

The sponsorship program gets your company’s name in front of the most influential people from industry and academia. By supporting this foremost IC design conference, you demonstrate great leadership and community involvement.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact the CICC 2021 Sponsorship Chair, Eric Soenen, at or, or Co-Chair, John Pigott, at


2021 CICC Sponsorship Brochure

Benefits of sponsorship include

  • Your company name on the CICC conference web page with a link to your website
  • Listing on CICC promotional materials for the sponsored events, and your name at the event
  • Specific sponsors are recognized at the Keynote Presentations and at the Technical Sessions


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Sponsorship Opportunities

Virtual Platform Sponsorship ($7,500)

The Virtual Platform is the technical underpinning of the whole conference.

This year, we intend to make it more powerful and interactive. Here is your opportunity to help make it happen and have your company’s name directly associated with it.

Electronic Conference Proceedings ($7,500)

The conference proceedings will be read by designers for years to come. Sponsor the CICC 2021 Electronic Conference Proceedings and your company name or logo will be visible anytime someone downloads the proceedings from the CICC website.

Keynote Session Sponsorship  ($5,000)

The CICC 2020 keynote speaker was Dr. Vivek De, Intel Fellow and Director of Circuit Technology Research at Intel Labs/

His talk, “Attack-Resistant Energy-Efficient SoC for Smart & Se-cure IoT” focused on how to deliver uncompromising performance, minimize energy consumption and provide cryptographic-quality resistance to physical side channel attacks with minimal overhead.

Keynote Lunch Sponsorship ($5,000)

Dr. Lawrence Larson, Sorensen Family Dean of the School of Engineering at Brown University, was the keynote lunch speaker at CICC 2020.

His talk, “Microelectronics for Brain-Computer Interface Applications” explained how integrated circuit technology addresses human health challenges and how the possibility to interface directly to the brain is one of the most exciting opportunities in this area.

Educational Sessions Sponsorship (4 available at $5,000 each)

Sponsor the educational session speakers and get your company logo and name acknowledged in the opening comments and during the entire conference.

Technical Session Sponsorship (15 long at $2,500, 4 short at $1,500)

Be a proud sponsor of one or more technical sessions, highlighting key achievements in IC design. Get your company associated with specific topics of interest and acknowledged during the sessions. Most sessions take up half a day, but some shorter sessions are available as well.

We offer a volume discount of 3 sessions for $6,000.


Forum Session Sponsorship ($2,500)

Sponsor a forum session, which addresses an area of significant research, and get acknowledged in the opening comments and throughout the session.

CICC Best Paper Award ($7,500)

Sponsor the Award for the Best Conference Paper, from all student, regular and invited papers of CICC 2021. The award ceremony will be held on the last day of the conference April 28th, 2021.

Outstanding Paper Award ($5,000 each)

Sponsor one of the Outstanding Paper Awards given for the best papers of CICC 2021. Choices include:

  • Outstanding Student Paper (3 available)
  • Outstanding Regular Paper (2 available)
  • Outstanding Invited Paper (1 available)

If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor, please contact the CICC 2021 Sponsorship Chair, Eric Soenen, at or, or Co-Chair, John Pigott, at  or the Conference Manager, John Teehan, CMP  at

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