CICC 2019 Award Winners

CICC 2019 Award Winners

CICC 2019 Outstanding Regular Paper (14-6)

A 20.1 -uW 1.8 GHz Near-Field Dielectric Plethysmography (NF-DPG) Heart Rate Sensor with Time-Based Edge Sampling  –  Jun-Chau Chien

CICC 2019 Outstanding Invited Paper (22-1)

Fully Integrated Solutions for High Resolution Terahertz Imaging – Ali Mostajeran, Hamideza Aghasi, S.M. Hossein Haghavi, Ehsan Afshari

CICC 2019 Outstanding Student Paper (18-3)

A 12.8-Gbaud ADC-based NRZ/PAM4 Receiver with Embedded Tunable IIR Equalization Filter Achieving 2.43-pJ/b in 65nm CMOS – Jae-Won Nam, Mike Shuo-Wei Chen

CICC 2019 Outstanding Student Paper (6-1)

A 1.2 V Single Supply Hybrid Current-/Voltage-Mode Three-Way Digital Doherty PA with Built-In Large-Signal Phase Compensation Achieving Less-Than 5 AM-PM – Doohwan Jung, Jongseok Park, Sensen Li, Tzu-Yuan Huang, Haun Zhao, Hua Wang

CICC 2019 Outstanding Student Paper (21-3)

A 0.9V, 97.7dB SNDR, 2MHZ-BW, Highly Linear OTA-less 1-1 MASH VCO-Based ADC with a Novel Phase Quantization Noise Extraction Technique – Hamidreza Maghami, Pedram Payandehnia, Hossein Mirzaie, Ramin Zanbaghi, Siladitya Dey, Justin Goins, Kartikeya Mayaram, Terri S. Fiez

CICC 2019 Best Paper (22-4)

A Wearable Real-Time CMOS Dosimeter with Integrated Zero-bias Floating-Gate Sensor and an 861nW 18-bit Energy-Resolution Scalable Time-based Radiation to Digital Converter – Baibhab Chatterjee, Charilaos Mousoulis, Shovan Maity, Anurag Kumar, Sean Scott, Daniel Valentino, Dimitrios Peroulis, Shreyas Sen