Virtual Platform

CICC 2021 Virtual Conference Information

PDF version of Information which includes screenshots can be found here. 

Program Details:

To access the CICC 2021 virtual conference environment, click the following link: In order to enter the virtual venue, you must be registered for CICC 2021. Full session listings are available under the ‘Live Sessions’ and ‘Presentation Library’ tabs along the top navigation menu bar.

The live virtual conference begins on 25 April and concludes on 30 April. Early access for On-Demand sessions is being made available beginning Sunday, 11 April 2021 at 9:00 AM CDT (GMT -5).

For the full conference program, please visit

Platform Access and Creating Your Profile:

The virtual platform can be accessed at:

To access the virtual environment, you must use the same email address with which you registered. First, you’ll need to create a password. Click on “Need to Create or Update Password? Click Here!” and follow the prompts.

After you have logged in to the platform, we encourage all attendees to complete their Attendee Profile. To do this, simply navigate to the top right of the screen. Locate the button with the circular head icon and associated drop down menu and select the option labeled “Profile / Account”.

Select “Profile / Account”, and review and update your profile by clicking on “Edit Profile”. By adding more information to your profile, it will make it easier for colleagues and other attendees to find you, and network with you, during the virtual conference.

Please set up your password and profile prior to the start of the conference on 25 April.

On-Demand Sessions and Interaction Widgets:

Starting on 11 April, the pre-recorded sessions located inside the ‘Presentation Library’ will feature two textual forms of communication for virtual conference-goers. The Q&A tab allows attendees to submit questions for the presenters. And the Chat tab captures all public comments entered by the attendees during their viewing experience.

All live sessions will be taking place via Zoom. As an attendee, click on Program under the ‘Live Sessions’ menu, find the session you wish to attend, and click it to enter. Participants will then be guided to join the meeting once they arrive at each session page.

By clicking the green button, the Zoom meeting client will open in a separate window and the session will begin. As an attendee, you will have the ability to ask questions during the session. Questions should be entered into the Zoom Chat window and sent directly to the Co-Chair. If the Co-Chair sees a question that they would like an attendee to read out loud, they will ask them to unmute their mic. At this point, you can unmute your mic and ask your question. Once you have asked your question, please re-mute yourself. Q&A will be featured in between the playing of each pre-recorded video until the session concludes.

Live Sessions:

Note: All CICC Zoom meetings will be set up such that participants are muted upon entry, and recordings will be captured automatically for inclusion in the virtual platform afterward for on demand access. Conference papers and presentation slides can be found under the Resources tab within both the Presentation Library and the Live Sessions.

There are multiple CICC-themed Zoom Backgrounds available:

Background 1

Background 2

Background 3

Background 4

CICC 2021 Virtual Reception/Networking Event

The Virtual Reception/Networking Event will take place in Spatial Chat.

Download the Spatial Chat user guide.

Access to the Spatial Chat can be found on the Virtual Platform Portal.

Help Desk Information:

Please direct any questions about access, or the virtual conference platform, to the IEEE Digital Events production team. Email Brett Houseal at, Mark Pilkington at, and David Stankiewicz at

For questions about Conference registration please email

For questions about conference content, including conference proceedings, please email Danielle Corrigan at